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Despite advances by the security industry, criminals continue to evolve their approaches to break through security defenses. IEG’s solutions allow you to gain visibility and control to defeat attacks across your extended network and throughout the full attack continuum: before, during, and after.


Security Resource Team

Effective management with high uptime

The Security Resource Team (SRT) is a unique security service, utilising a group of security engineers specialising in risk mitigation and threat prevention. The service leverages our experience in both delivering managed services, and our expertise in network security, allowing us to provide an agile and vigilant security process for enterprises

  • >>  Security Policy Provisioning across leading security   vendors
  • >>  Change verification and tracking
  • >>  Policy optimization
  • >>  Proactive monitoring and risk analysis

Managed Security Services

Safeguard your IT

Identify and protect the information assets within your organisation with our IT Managed Security Services. We specialise in safeguarding your environment from a range of network security threats to support your business operations.

  • >>  access authentication solutions
  • >>  email and web content filtering solutions
  • >>  24/7 IT security monitoring
  • >>  security assessment, review, auditing, and management
  • >>  perimeter and end-point security management

Advanced Threat Protection

World class network security products

The rapid rise in data breaches highlights the need for a more effective way to approach security. IEG Tech provides sophisticated technologies to deliver lifecycle defence and protect your network against the full spectrum of security threats.

  • >>  Perimeter and end-point security protection services
  • >>  Intrusion detection and prevention solutions
  • Anti-X protection solutions
  • >>  URL Filtering
  • >>  Malware Protection 

Security Consulting Services

Expert security auditing and recommendations for your business

IEG partners with global market leaders to provide remote or onsite security assessments, giving you a comprehensive report of the vulnerabilities on your network.

  • >>  visibility of access to high risk applications
  • >>  identification of attacks on your network
  • >>  information on data leakage incidents
  • >>  details of malware infected computers
  • >>  recommendations to protect your network

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation

Protect your infrastructure against network and application downtime

Full protection against network vulnerability, application downtime, information theft and other emerging cyber-attacks.

  • >>  real-time, behavioural based attack mitigation that protects your infrastructure
  • >>  centralised attack management, monitoring and reporting
  • >>  identification, prioritization and response to policy breaches, cyber-attacks and insider threats

Mobile Security

Extend corporate security to mobile

Laptops, smartphones, tablets — most employees have one of each, keeping people connected 24 hours a day. Utilising Check Point Capsule, IEG can address today’s mobile security challenges with one complete solution.

  • >>  protect mobile devices from threats
  • >>  establish a secure business environment
  • >>  secure business documents everywhere they go
  • >>  strategic threat prevention for your mobile workforce

“I recommend IEG Tech to any company that requires a high level of responsiveness,
technical proficiency, and a secure IT

Amy Mo – CEO, Austlink Education Group


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IEG Tech has successfully streamlined and managed information technology for a wide range of Australian businesses. We source and manage technology solutions that boost performance and solve problems while saving you time and money. With IEG, you receive reliability, simplicity, convenience and trust to build long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure their businesses run smoothly every single day.

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